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The Rockview Scenic Railroad (a tiny garden railroad about 14x20 ft in Torrance) is dominated by red sandstone cliffs and a variety of conifers. It has the Svensens farm house with a many farm animals, the dinodig, run by  noted paleontologist  Dr. Alan Malvern of the Malvern Museum, where a large Stegosaurus has been discovered, Black Bear Canyon, and the Darius Divide (with a trestle).  There is a loop that goes around the outer edge and an inner loop that winds around the cliffs and thru the Darius Divide. There is a siding for passengers and freight at the Depot and Water Tank.  Running after dark is possible as there are two sets of lights: (1) the two overhead spots on the ramada above the deck (which is adjacent to the railroad) that light up the RR as though it were daytime and (2) the street, buildings, and water tank lights for a more natural nighttime look.

An LGB Union Pacific Steam 2-4-0 with lighted Overton passenger cars and various USA Trains Union Pacific and Denver and Rio Grande Diesels with mixed consists will be run. 


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